• He who laughs best today, will also laugh last. Friedrich Nietzsche~Friedrich NietzscheTweet

Some Quotations about Stupidity.

ASSIOMA E’ ciò che non ha bisogno di essere dimostrato perché troppo evidente. L’imbecillità dei nove decimi degli uomini viventi non ha bisogno di essere dimostrata , dunque è un assioma. da questo assioma si possono trarre parecchi corollari: 1) Che le idee degli uomini d’oggi sono imbecilli e per … Continue reading

Quotes against power and stupidity

For all those who want to improve our planet but don’t know how and where to start with, let’s begin struggling against stupidity; it’s easy, be confident and remember first of all that we are what we do, so if we don’t struggle, we are evidently supporters of the incredible … Continue reading

Internet quotes

Monster back links or monster of linked stupidity, wiki back links permitting! Carl William Brown The human race is nothing else but a stupid mass of spammers. Carl William Brown I don’t like spam, but after all even the human race is spam, so we must come to terms! Carl … Continue reading

Media Multilingual Quotations

In certain televisions there are numerous questionable characters, chosen from a small number of morons, but seen and heard by a few million people, including of course many fools. Now you understand well the thing is tragically serious and quite dangerous, and it means in fact that stupidity grows exponentially. … Continue reading

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