• Photography is always poetic as it reminds us of past situations, emotions, feelings, distress or disappointments far away in time and space; its strength is to revive in our memory a world that no longer exists and therefore necessarily melancholic and evocative, so it is similar to poetry that seeks with words to obtain the same romantic effects on our sterile existence.~Carl William Brown

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Alla velocità della fibra … quinto e speriamo ultimo episodio.

Prostituzione, Germania capitale mondiale del sesso. Scassaminchie, Italia leader mondiale delle offerte telefoniche veicolate attraverso tutti i rompicoglioni che in un modo o nell’altro hanno a che fare con tutte le teste di cazzo che orbitano nell’infimo universo dei call centers. Carl William Brown senza fare il riassunto degli episodi precedenti, anche perché viceversa magari non li leggereste, siamo arrivati circa al 15 novembre del 2016 e ancora la mia nuova linea Fibra di Tim … Continue reading

Festa Sikh a Brescia

Since in India there are some discriminations against Sikh people, most of them decide to go to Italy, the land of shit! Carl William Brown Gli uomini sono abbastanza religiosi per odiarsi, ma non a sufficienza per amarsi! Jonathan Swift This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it. John Adams The world holds two classes of men – intelligent men without religion, and religious men without intelligence. … Continue reading

We rise by lifting others.

DA Datta, DA Dayadhvam, DA Damyata, shantih, shantih, shantih! (Give, sympathize, control, peace, peace, peace). T.S. Eliot from The Waste Land No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank We rise by lifting others. Robert Ingersoll Money’s a horrid thing to follow, but a charming thing to meet. Henry James It’s a very important thing to learn to talk with people you disagree with! Pete Seeger Humans must always try to communicate something, … Continue reading

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