We rise by lifting others.

DA Datta, DA Dayadhvam, DA Damyata, shantih, shantih, shantih! (Give, sympathize, control, peace, peace, peace). T.S. Eliot from The Waste Land No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank We rise by lifting others. Robert Ingersoll Money’s a horrid thing to follow, but a charming thing to meet. Henry James It’s a very important thing to learn to talk with people you disagree with! Pete Seeger Humans must always try to communicate something, … Continue reading

Petition for Andros’ genial art.

This is an invitation to sign the petition and support the cause for the exibition in one of the main rooms of the Vatican Museums of some extraordinary works of the brilliant sculptor and eclectic artist, Andros, listed below: God bless you. (Dio ti benedica). Polyurethane and Clothes – 44x68x16″ – 11 Lb. – 2002 Poliuretano e Vestiti – 110x170x40 – 5 Kg. – 2002 Freud’s Stoup. (L’Acquasantiera di Freud.) Polyandros, polyurethane and holy water … Continue reading

Internet quotes

Monster back links or monster of linked stupidity, wiki back links permitting! Carl William Brown The human race is nothing else but a stupid mass of spammers. Carl William Brown I don’t like spam, but after all even the human race is spam, so we must come to terms! Carl William Brown People don’t comment what I write, and it is better like this, first of all because I wouldn’t read what they write, and … Continue reading

Letter from the Schoolmaster

(Humor is the key answer) One day an English Lady was looking for a room in Switzerland. She asked the local schoolmaster if he could recommend anything she might like. She finally decided on a quaint little apartment and returned to the Hotel at which she had been staying. When she got back she suddenly remembered she had not seen a Water Closet (commonly known in America as a bathroom). She immediately wrote back to … Continue reading

Through poetry we can transform suffering into consciousness.

Alchemy of Suffering One’s ardour, Nature, makes you bright, One finds within you mourning, grief! What speaks to one of tombs and death Says to the other, Splendour! Life! Mystical Hermes, help to me, Intimidating though you are, You make me Midas’ counterpart, No sadder alchemist than he; My gold is iron by your spell, And paradise turns into hell; I see in winding-sheets of clouds A dear cadaver in its shroud, And there upon … Continue reading