Daimon Club Strategy

Daimon Club Marketing, Strategy and Goals A good partnership must be useful and profitable not only for the different involved members but for the whole society as well. Carl William Brown After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts. Aristotle Onassis Whatever you do the Daimon Club for sure can do something for you too, and together we can do so much more! We believe … Continue reading

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Internet quotes

Monster back links or monster of linked stupidity, wiki back links permitting! Carl William Brown The human race is nothing else but a stupid mass of spammers. Carl William Brown I don’t like spam, but after all even the human race is spam, so we must come to terms! Carl William Brown People don’t comment what I write, and it is better like this, first of all because I wouldn’t read what they write, and … Continue reading

The Italian Constitution and the Dead Neapolitan Man

Art. 47  (47 ‘O muorto. Il morto. Dead man. From the Italian Neapolitan Smorfia) The Republic encourages and safeguards savings in all forms. It regulates, co-ordinates and oversees the operation of credit. The Republic promotes house and farm ownership and direct and indirect shareholding in the main national enterprises through the use of private savings. So if you stupid Italian people are not saving enough money, you are not respecting the Constitution. Shame on You!! … Continue reading

Marketing Evolution

The Evolution of Marketing: A History of How Companies Generate Business Marketing simply informs consumers about products and services that may be of value to their lives. The simplest marketing formula, AIDA, works to: A—get your attention, I—get you interested, D—turn that interest into a desire that will A—make you act or buy the product or service. There are two types of markets: business-to-consumer and business-to-business. Marketing works essentially the same way whether the customer … Continue reading