Festa Sikh a Brescia

Since in India there are some discriminations against Sikh people, most of them decide to go to Italy, the land of shit! Carl William Brown Gli uomini sono abbastanza religiosi per odiarsi, ma non a sufficienza per amarsi! Jonathan Swift This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it. John Adams The world holds two classes of men – intelligent men without religion, and religious men without intelligence. … Continue reading

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Petition for Andros’ genial art.

This is an invitation to sign the petition and support the cause for the exibition in one of the main rooms of the Vatican Museums of some extraordinary works of the brilliant sculptor and eclectic artist, Andros, listed below: God bless you. (Dio ti benedica). Polyurethane and Clothes – 44x68x16″ – 11 Lb. – 2002 Poliuretano e Vestiti – 110x170x40 – 5 Kg. – 2002 Freud’s Stoup. (L’Acquasantiera di Freud.) Polyandros, polyurethane and holy water … Continue reading

Dadaism Disgust

Every product of disgust capable of becoming a negation of the family is Dada; a protest with the fists of its whole being engaged in destructive action: Dada; knowledge of all the means rejected up until now by the shamefaced sex of comfortable compromise and good manners: Dada; abolition of logic, which is the dance of those impotent to create: Dada; of every social hierarchy and equation set up for the sake of values by … Continue reading

Through poetry we can transform suffering into consciousness.

Alchemy of Suffering One’s ardour, Nature, makes you bright, One finds within you mourning, grief! What speaks to one of tombs and death Says to the other, Splendour! Life! Mystical Hermes, help to me, Intimidating though you are, You make me Midas’ counterpart, No sadder alchemist than he; My gold is iron by your spell, And paradise turns into hell; I see in winding-sheets of clouds A dear cadaver in its shroud, And there upon … Continue reading